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Chronic Disease Management

Have you ever wondered what more you can do for a patient who has a chronic disease? Within your scope of practice as a Physical Therapist, there are endless ways we can go about improving the value and quality of our patient care. This is what I do every day. It’s not so much about learning new ways to treat patients but learning new ways to apply what we already know.

The Pulmonary Rehab Toolbox

Do you need to learn some respiratory interventions quickly?

A special blog series featuring all the most important concepts you’ll need to know to treat your patients right away! Keep checking back for a new topic in the Pulmonary Rehab Toolbox! Want updates whenever I post something new? Follow my blog here!


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Doctor B brings the best evidence-based education right to you!


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Home (Health) Is Where the Heart Is

How can Physical Therapists in the Emergency Department and Home Health help each other out?

My friend and colleague Dr. Rebekah Griffith, the ED PT, and I get together to talk about home health and emergency PT and how the two work so well together!

When COVID Comes Home

We are learning so much about treating COVID-19! Here is a comprehensive guide to sub-acute and outpatient rehab care!

Updated regularly to reflect developing evidence

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Who is Doctor B (the PT)?

Kaelee Brockway is a Physical Therapist and Educator who works with patients, professionals, and students to improve their lives through activity and education.

Kaelee is a firm believer in attacking complexity head-on, always reaching for more, and challenging the status quo when it comes to providing quality therapy and education.

Kaelee is a Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Geriatric Physical Therapy and an Advanced Credentialed Exercise Expert for Aging Adults. She has experience working in almost every setting that typically has a PT!

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