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Here are some resources for you. Several topics are covered and many are addressed in other sections of this site. If you are looking for resources specific to the content of a blog post, references are listed at the bottom of each post.

CDC Resources

Recommended PPE

This is a great resources for not only finding what PPE is recommended, but it also includes a table that helps you with your clinical decision making regarding when to use what type of PPE.


This page adds some clarification to the different types of precautions, when to apply them, and what PPE is required for each one.

Performing AGPs

The CDCs guidelines for performing aerosol generating procedures. This would include ANY respiratory physical therapist procedure or any procedure that may induce coughing.

How to Don PPE

This is a great PDF for you to print out, post everywhere, and share with everyone you work with.

Homemade Masks

If you are curious about home made masks, the CDC does actually provide some guidance and recommendations for these.

Other than N95s…

There are masks other than N95s that can help you. Many other countries make similar options and the CDC makes some recommendations for masks that they feel are close enough to the N95s.

World Confederation of physical therapy
Preparing your Community for COVID-19

Are you being asked to do something outside your scope?

The Role of PTs in Disaster Management

An extensive report that outlines how PTs can help out in crisis situations. It also gives some great information about how to become more educated in providing crisis care.

Get Ready

The CDC has put together some resources for getting your community ready for COVID if it hasn’t hit you yet.

Try the following:

  • Request on-the-job training to protect yourself and others
  • Reach out to your local chapter of the APTA
  • Contact your state licensing board
  • Contact the APTA ethics council
  • If escalation is necessary, the Attorney General’s office is managing further complaints

Treatment Guidelines


The WCPT guidelines for physical therapy treatment of COVID-19 in the acute care setting including triage recommendations.

Updated CMS Guidelines for Home Care

CMS just released a large number of updated regulations for home health care providers.

Payer Resources:


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