Who is Doctor B (the PT)?

In the clinical world, Doctor B goes by Kaelee Brockway. She is a Physical Therapist and Educator who works with patients, professionals, and students to improve their lives through activity and education. She is frequently called a “boat-rocker” and she is proud of it.

Kaelee was a heart and lung transplant educator and home health care provider at a large hospital system in Michigan. She served as a liaison between the home health rehabilitation department and the cardiothoracic surgery group and with cardiac rehabilitation services, working to provide continuous and comprehensive care across the patient continuum. She served on the Board of Directors for the Michigan Physical Therapy Association (MPTA) for four years, was the Chairperson of the Western District of the MPTA, and as the Michigan Physical Therapy PAC treasurer for a two-year term before recently moving to Texas. She is now a contributing faculty member at the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences Doctor of Physical Therapy Program providing primary instruction for courses in geriatrics, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, and pharmacology. Clinically, Kaelee works in the inpatient rehabilitation and acute care setting in Dallas, Texas.

Kaelee is a Board Certified Clinical Specialist of Geriatric Physical Therapy (GCS) and an Advanced Credentialed Exercise Expert for Aging Adults (ACEEAA). She has experience working in almost every setting that typically has a PT: Acute Care, Inpatient Rehab, Skilled Nursing, Home Health, Outpatient Ortho, and Outpatient Neuro. She now works in Academia focusing on cardiovascular and pulmonary, geriatric, and pharmacology teaching.

Kaelee holds a Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT) from Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, MI and is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Education (EdD) from the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences.

Doctor B has been featured on several news broadcasts including:

  • The Healthcare Education Transformation Podcast
    (Episode Link Here)
  • WGVU Radio (an NPR affiliate)
  • Fox 17 Morning Show
  • ABC News Channel 13 WZZM Morning Show

Doctor B has also presented community educational sessions including:

  • Combating COVID: Expectations for PTs
  • Fall Risk, Prevention, and Recovery Strategies After Stroke
  • Caring for the Aging Parent and Aging in Place
  • Community Fall Risk Assessment and Education

Doctor B has given many professional presentations and completed several professional works:

  • HIIT-ing Your Target: Applying High-Intensity Interval Training to Special Populations
  • Brockway KS, Shoemaker MJ. (2021) Special Considerations for Specific Patient Populations: Rehabilitation Considerations for the Geriatric Patient. In: Hoogenboom B, Voight M, Prentice B, ed. Musculoskeletal Interventions: Techniques for Therapeutic Exercise 4th ed. Columbus, OH, McGraw-Hill.
  • How to HIIT Your Target: Implementing High-Intensity Interval Training in All Populations
  • Filtration Frustration: Implementing Intradialytic Exercise Programs for Better Patient Outcomes
  • Implementing High-Intensity Interval Training for Patients with CABG and Acute MI
  • INSPIRation: Educational Circulation (cardiopulmonary rehab newsletter series)

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