What you need NOW and how to know.

It may be in short supply, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need it. Any therapist performing respiratory techniques (the ones COVID patients probably need!) is at risk and should have the right PPE. Here is what you need, what you can get by with, and how to choose.

The Mask

We are all hearing the hysteria around the mask right now. Surgical vs. respirator vs home made. How and when do you choose what?
The CDC has created a table with some guidelines on how to make these choices. It’s important to remember where Physical Therapists fit on this table. If you are performing respiratory physical therapy interventions, you are performing aerosol-generating procedures (AGPs).


Thankfully we aren’t hearing too much about a shortage of these yet! You should just be wearing them. Odds are you know this already. Both hands, please. And make sure your friends wear them, too. This is the only PPE we have regularly available at my facility.


So stylish. So crinkly. One use, one patient. Do you remember the order in which you are supposed to don all this stuff? Yea, I didn’t either. Here’s a link to help you out.

Eye Protection

We are currently under droplet precautions here, people. However, some sources disagree with this and feel we should be under airborne precautions. Either way, you’ll need some eye protection. Goggles or a shield are acceptable.

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